Everything You Must Know About Online Roulette


Playing online roulette can give you that same exiciting feeling you get from playing the game in the rael world.

The premise of playing online roulette is simple. It works the same way as roulette at land base casino. You place a bet on where you think a small white ball will land on the roulette wheel. You can bet on things like which number it will land on whether it will land black or red. The virtual croipier then drops the ball into the spinning roulette wheel. If it lands on your choice, you wi. If you are new to playing the gam, here is everything you need to know.

There are different version on of roulette online

When the roulette games were first launch at online casinos in the late 1990’s, the used random number generators to provide fair play and dtermine where ball landed. Displays were soon introduced, enabling players to track their bets and develope strategy. While those types of online roulette games are still available and very populae, in recent years, a new type of online roulette has become dominant. It works via  live streaming. a phsycal roulette table and croupier are located in a studio. You then, take a seat at the table and get to play the game and engage with the croupier and other players in real time, making experience much more akin to a real life casino entertainment experience. If you want to play roulette live make sure you read the rules and more articles for the spesific game befor you start placing the chips on the table. You can also watch demos of game or other people playing roulette on any paltform available in website then how you chosen version of roulette works.

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Understanding Roulette bet types

The more you play roulette, the more you will understand the various betting opstions. But its a good idea to learn the basics before you start playing. Many beginnes are confused by the number of chips placed all over table. But you only need to concern yourself with your wager, as the croupier will keep track of everything. in simple terms, there are two types of bets you can make

Inside Bets

inside bets refer to wagering on the numbers that are displayed in the betting area of the roulette table.

  • Straight bets, in which you place a bet on only one number.
  • Split Bets, in which you can bet on the ball landing on one of two numbers adjacent to each other.
  • Street bets, in which you place a bet long one row of numbers.
  • Double street bets, in which you spread your wager across two rows of number.
  • Corner bets, in which you cab place your chips on a four numbered area of the board.

Outside Bets

With outside bets, you place chips outside the number board of the roulette table.Outside bets enable you to make bets on various groups of numbers. The typically pay less but have better odds. Outside bets inclue :

  • Low or High bets, in which you choose whether the winning number will be high or low
  • Red or Black bets, in which you bet on winning colour.
  • Even or Odd bets, in which you bet on odd or even numbers.
  • Dozen bets, in which you bet on number in dozenz, such as 1 to 12 or 25 to 36.
  • Coulumn bets, in which you bet on a coloumn of numbers.