The Importance of Web Design

The Importance of Web Design

Today, the demand for web designers has never been greater. But why is that? Why are big and small businesses like MT Mechelec and this garden turf retailer are ready to pay so much for something like web design on their site? The study shows that design of the site can have a huge impact on overall performance.

The study was conducted by Joseph Putnam, and in it, participants were told to search the web for some health information. After some time, they were asked why did they mistrust some of the sites. And here are the results: 94% of participants told design related reasons, and only 6% content related. A few of the causes that lead to rejection were:

– Busy and complex layout
– The absence of color, boring design
– Pop up ads
– Loading time
– Poor navigation

Clearly, web design played the crucial role of mistrusting the site. Lack of proper design and brand research combined with bad user experiences such as navigation and loading time had a substantial impact on users. This is the first reason why having a good design will directly lead to better performance of your site.

Graeme W is a web design and seo manchester expert and handles the marketing for this waterfall taps store and luxury candles retailer and notes “Another necessity when building a website is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This basically means how will google index your site. The better the SEO leads to being the first on Google when somebody types in related keywords, which then leads to bigger traffic and so on. This is usually the main goal of a company or business.”

Crystal Clark runs the website for these paving contractors and also this assisted living chicago business notes “Web design elements have a direct impact on SEO. Your code must be SEO friendly. To ensure this, big companies are willing to pay big amounts of money for web designers, counting on that their rank on Google will go up.”

As you can see, content isn’t everything. Web design is also a critical factor which will determine how well your site will perform.

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